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Does your Home Office Have you Bummed?

Is your home office leaving you totally bummed? Do you wonder how things are going to change in the office? Do you wonder how you can establish a healthy “distancing” work environment? 
CMC would like to go over some healthy practices to help set up your home office as well as plan your office GRAND RE-OPENING!
Working from home:Working from home looks to be here to stay for some folks. There are tons of positives in working from home, but there are also some new challenges. We have some suggestions on how to keep your day on schedule and be productive.          

  • Home office set up is key. Make a pleasant space!          
  • Maintain regular hours by setting a schedule and stick to it          
  • Create a morning routine
  • Set rules with your family that will be in your space
  • Schedule breaks
  • Leave home for breaks or lunch
  • Take a walk on your break
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need to get your job efficiently
  • Keep your dedicated office space clean and organized
  • Create a separate phone number for business, if possible
  • Still communicate with your colleagues

The NEW infection controlled office:What we do know is that our office environment will never be the same. Don’t expect to see the same people that you used to. Most likely, anyone that can be moved to a permanent home office will be. You may be in charge of making those decisions so helping your employees through the change will be key to productivity. If you are the one making those decisions, you may be concerned about how you will implement CDC Guidelines for those employees that will be coming in the office. This process should start with the office furniture. New distancing will be your priority as well as sanitary regulations throughout the entire business. There may even be a need for staggered shifts to accommodate the new safer work space. If you already work in a cubicle environment, precautions must be set up for the safety of all employees. There are tons of new options on social distancing office furniture. Don’t expect to plan crowded meetings and office parties. You may have to abandon your morning chats and water cooler talks based on suggestions from the Center for Disease Control. Hallways may need to become one way as well as making special accommodations for employees with underlying illnesses. Temperature checks and masks will most likely become a normal part of the work day.CMC has been a leader in offering the lastest styles and designs in Office Furniture as well as Healthcare Furniture for over 37 years. We can provide expert assistance on style and choice. ALL of your office needs can be found right here in one place, from that new social distanced cubicle set ups to branded PPE kits for your employees as they return. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at 866-249-9348 or 863-644-0617.

*Some of the information presented is drawn from guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Please visit their website for complete guidelines.

Handwashing 101 and PPE Products best practices

Who should be using PPE products and are we using them properly?

Handwashing and PPE….it is a topic on everyone’s mind these days. We wanted to clarify some of the best practices and “do not” practices as well that were published by the CDC.

There is a ton of confusion on what is better; handwashing or hand sanitizing. The CDC recommends hand sanitizers over hand washing unless your hands are visibly dirty. Below are
their recommendations:
• all hand sanitizers need to contain 60 – 95% alcohol content
• hand sanitizer is more effective then washing with soap
• hand sanitizing requires less time
• hand sanitizing can be done anywhere
• hand sanitizing is less irritating and dries your hands out less

Using PPE products:
The CDC states that proper PPE (personal protective equipment) is only to be used by patients that are ill and personnel in the healthcare industry. The most important part is making sure that you have access to equipment and that you are wearing it properly. Below are some
• Identify and gather the proper PPE for your circumstance
• perform proper hand hygiene by using hand sanitizer or hand washing in a clinical environment
• use NIOSH approved N95 filtering facemask or higher
• use face shield and goggles to protect against bodily fluids
• wear gloves in clinical settings where you are caring for sick patients and change after you have touched anything that is not sterile
• DO NOT wear gloves to the grocery store or shopping as you are contaminating everything that you touch and could be spreading illness quicker CMC is here to help during these difficult times. We can provide masks, gowns, EPA wipes and so much more!

Please contact us for your next order of PPE products!

We Welcome Randy McGaha to the CMC Family!

Randy has been with CMC for under a year, but brings with him a background in the printing industry and over 26 years of experience and training in sales. He has started two successful businesses, and has served as the President/CEO of three non-profit organizations. He understands business and will work endlessly to help you and your business to be successful. When Randy is not at work, he loves spending time with his wife and two children usually somewhere outdoors!

What does your company use?

Why they made a change to CMC

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CMC, My Team

Let CMC Be a Partner

Let CMC help you improve your business flow and make you more money.



A worldwide paper converter, headquartered in Italy, with a presence in the US for many years, and the sales team had struggled with having adequate marketing materials.  CMC started working with them, one of their salesmen from Italy was trying to order things.  Their products have different logo shades and nothing about any of it was uniform.  They decided to move their Director of Marketing to Philadelphia and he needed a partner in the US to work with.  That is where CMC came in to give them ideas.

We approached the global Director of Marketing, with the idea to unify the look of all of their products and let us combine them all together, so the logos and messages would be uniform.  Next, we got in contact with their ad agency in Italy and began working together to come up with creative sizes and paper stock that would help them stand out.  We also worked together on some creative print styles such as raised logos and spot UV coating to help their products jump off the page.  We have to work flexible hours to make sure we could be in contact with Italy while they were in their productive hours.

Once CMC completed all the new designs, we began producing the first round of different leaflets and product catalogs.  The finished product turned out brilliantly and we moved to the next phase of helping them broaden their marketing collateral reach.  CMC set up an online ordering site for their marketing department where they can view the different products we have produced for them and order any number of each item and CMC pack’s and ship’s the bundles to their sales team anywhere in the world.  CMC manages the inventory, which they can view at any time, and take the distribution out of their hands.  This has not only saved them time, but made it so their sales team can get materials on a more timely bases and the risk of running out is eliminated.

Our goal was not just to get them printed materials, but to get them a solution to help them with the whole process.  CMC takes this approach to all of the opportunities we get.  There may be more to the project then what is on the surface and we want to uncover that and become an asset, in more ways than one to our customer.  They thought they were going to get someone to print their materials.  They ended up getting a partner that has helped them come up with a way to improve their business flow and make them more money.





How to increase sales, improve productivity, reduce costs

Discover the time and money-saving advantages that only CMC can provide.



CMC can help you increase sales, improve productivity and reduce your costs.

How can we do that?

With CMC’s tremendous buying power and competitive pricing,
you’ll see a reduction in cost and reap the benefits of an enhanced bottom line.

No longer call all your different vendors for your companies needs.
You can save time and money by calling CMC.

We offer:
custom printing
marketing and design
promotional products
promotional apparel
business furniture and supplies
business forms and labels
secure laser and custom checks
paper and toner
direct mail campaigns
warehouse and fulfillment
online ordering

It comes as no surprise that for over 30 years, leading companies like yours have relied on CMC as an indispensable resource to provide sound solutions for all their business needs, and we’d like to invite you to do the same.

What’s our secret?
CMC’s top-notch Sales Executives, Marketing and Design Department, with a dedicated Customer Service Team, offer years of experience and product knowledge.

HUGE Sales Growth at CMC

CMC (Computer Merchandise Corporation), Lakeland, FL, achieved 21% sales growth in its 2016 fiscal year. CMC is one source for Printing, Office and Data Supplies, Office Furniture, Promotional Items, Corporate Apparel and Marketing Services. CMC services include: Creative and Graphic Services, On-line Ordering Capabilities, Warehousing, Inventory Management, Fulfillment and Kitting and Desk Top Delivery.

CMC’s amazing growth was recognized by the PSDA (Print Services and Distribution Association) in its “Print Services” magazine. PSDA has over 1,000 members of Print Distributors and Suppliers who support the industry. The June/July 2017 issue of “Print Services” magazine ranks the performance of its Top Distributors. CMC ranked as the 36th largest distributor in the association. CMC also ranked as the 6th fastest growing in the association, with 21% growth in sales. This growth was achieved in the face of strong competition from the national office supply stores and Amazon and Vista Print.

CMC attributes the superior growth to superior performance for its customers and three strategic moves prior to 2016. First, CMC expanded its product offering to include Marketing Services. Second, CMC acquired strong creative and technical talent. Third, CMC implemented aggressive and creative sales and marketing plans to help drive the growth.

The Marketing Services product offering was a natural expansion for CMC.  Its product offering already included many marketing tools, such as: Promotional Printing (brochures, presentation folders and direct mail), and Promotional Items (pens, mugs, apparel, etc.). The missing piece for CMC was advertising. Since advertising revenues were shifting from yellow pages and publications to on-line, CMC saw the opportunity to offer its customers complete Marketing Services. When CMC acquired the creative and technical talent it needed, it became able to assist its customers with digital marketing and advertising. Its new tools include: logo and brand development, website development, search engine optimization, creative digital ad development and web analytics.

Now CMC can help its customers with every phase of their marketing campaign at 1/3 of the cost of an advertising agency.

The company decided to test fly its new Marketing Services offering by starting an innovative marketing campaign, to promote itself. A 90 day multi-media campaign was kicked off, targeting large companies. The results were amazing. CMC acquired a large paper manufacturer as a customer, got to third base with a major petroleum distributor and received requests for quotes from a global beverage company. Next month, I will give the details of the highly successful campaign

CMC can assist any size company promote itself in this new digital world.

For more information, contact:

Keith Byrd
CMC General Manager

[email protected]

863.644.0617 x313

It’s a Spring Thing

I can hear my mother’s voice as though it were yesterday as she rounded up all six of us kids for a day of spring-cleaning. Oh, the dreaded task of thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny of our home to create an environment that would run efficiently and effectively came all too quickly every year.

Many relate spring-cleaning and organizing to our homes, but is equally important for our businesses as well. Cleaning and clearing away unused items will help to minimize chaos and streamline daily tasks.

Disorganization breeds frustration, which ultimately slows productivity, compromises client confidentiality, and weakens company morale. Thus, it goes without saying that a well-organized office will create an all-around more positive workplace and boost your professional image as well.

Taking those first steps to implementing organization can be a bit overwhelming, so start by spring-cleaning just one area at a time. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

Reception Area

Create a tidy, yet warm and welcoming reception area with Literature Organizers, Brochure Holders, and Book Shelves.

Administrative Office Areas

Filing Cabinets with Locks are fundamental for any office organization. It’s the ideal place for categorizing client files and corporate records, and secures confidential records as needed. Add a Personal Tower to accommodate staff members’ coats and jackets, or for housing quick-change items for your sales team.

Break Room

Trash Receptacles, Recycling Bins, and Coffee Stations will help to keep your break room clean and well-organized.


Sorting Tables are essential work surfaces when managing a high volume of mail, and Individual Mail Slots make it easy to sort mail for individual staff members. Mail Carts are a handy tool for distributing packages and large envelopes to staff members in-house.

Warehouse/Industrial Area

A lot of hustle and bustle happens in these areas, and top-notch organization is key. Installing Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Shelving and Pocket Panel Bins are just a couple of great solutions for creating an orderly and efficient environment in your warehouse.

After all, spring is a time of renewal, and what better way to rejuvenate your work place than with spring-cleaning and organizing. Once everything is in its place you will maximize your production, which in turn will boost your sales. Now, go ahead … open up the windows and set those dust bunnies free!