It’s a Spring Thing

I can hear my mother’s voice as though it were yesterday as she rounded up all six of us kids for a day of spring-cleaning. Oh, the dreaded task of thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny of our home to create an environment that would run efficiently and effectively came all too quickly every year.

Many relate spring-cleaning and organizing to our homes, but is equally important for our businesses as well. Cleaning and clearing away unused items will help to minimize chaos and streamline daily tasks.

Disorganization breeds frustration, which ultimately slows productivity, compromises client confidentiality, and weakens company morale. Thus, it goes without saying that a well-organized office will create an all-around more positive workplace and boost your professional image as well.

Taking those first steps to implementing organization can be a bit overwhelming, so start by spring-cleaning just one area at a time. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

Reception Area

Create a tidy, yet warm and welcoming reception area with Literature Organizers, Brochure Holders, and Book Shelves.

Administrative Office Areas

Filing Cabinets with Locks are fundamental for any office organization. It’s the ideal place for categorizing client files and corporate records, and secures confidential records as needed. Add a Personal Tower to accommodate staff members’ coats and jackets, or for housing quick-change items for your sales team.

Break Room

Trash Receptacles, Recycling Bins, and Coffee Stations will help to keep your break room clean and well-organized.


Sorting Tables are essential work surfaces when managing a high volume of mail, and Individual Mail Slots make it easy to sort mail for individual staff members. Mail Carts are a handy tool for distributing packages and large envelopes to staff members in-house.

Warehouse/Industrial Area

A lot of hustle and bustle happens in these areas, and top-notch organization is key. Installing Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Shelving and Pocket Panel Bins are just a couple of great solutions for creating an orderly and efficient environment in your warehouse.

After all, spring is a time of renewal, and what better way to rejuvenate your work place than with spring-cleaning and organizing. Once everything is in its place you will maximize your production, which in turn will boost your sales. Now, go ahead … open up the windows and set those dust bunnies free!