The Magic Promotional Product

As a distributor of promotional products I am often asked, “What is that one magic product that really works?” The answer is simple: the magic is not in the product alone; it is in the marketing behind the product as well.

Today’s e-commerce provides businesses with the convenience of purchasing promotional products online, but fails to teach the buyer how to effectively use the products to gain the edge over their competition and yield a profitable return on their investment. As a result, many businesses simply purchase products without giving thought to building a marketing message around the products.

Developing a promotional marketing campaign is not unlike anything else we do in business; it simply takes a little time to craft a campaign that will create a buzz around your brand and deliver profitable results.

Let’s begin with a few simple steps:

Define Your Message
What key factor(s) do you want your audience to know about your business? What sets you apart from your competitors? The answers to these questions should be the solutions your prospects are seeking.

Write Your Caption
In just a few words, succinctly summarize your message. You have just 3-6 seconds to capture the attention of your audience, so get creative and keep your words short and snappy.

Choose Your Product
After identifying your message and caption, the overwhelming process of choosing the right promotional products will now be much easier. Select products that support your message, fit your budget, and resonate with your audience.

Now wave that magic wand, and Presto!
You’re off to a great start for an effective promotional marketing campaign.

Keep in mind, this is just the beginning, and there are many other factors to consider when creating your promotional marketing campaign. As qualified distributors, we will help you identify all critical areas of your marketing goals so that your campaign will not only work like magic, but will yield a greater return on your promotional marketing investment.